Core Values

Following are a list of values that I strive to live by and build my career around. I hope to surround myself with partners, colleagues and clients who live by a compatible set. 

  1. Integrity. Integrity is trump. Do the right thing; not the cheap thing or the easy thing.
  2. Ego. Egos get in the way of teamwork. Try not to let yours drive.
  3. Evolve. Learn from everything, good and bad.
  4. Dig deeper. Be curious, ask questions and strive to understand. Great work comes from a deep level of understanding.
  5. Push back. Your input and insight is important, regardless of your discipline or expertise.
  6. Feedback. Expect and accept feedback; seek it out from as many sources as possible.
  7. Communication. Keep your team, your clients and your partners in the know. Overcommunicate.
  8. Education. Teach whenever possible. Share your expertise and passion with the world.
  9. Purpose. Find your calling. We are in business to help people grow. Take advantage of any opportunity you can to do so.
  10. Conviction. Don't sacrifice your beliefs. Getting assigned work you don't believe in is a lose-lose proposition. If it happens, speak up.
  11. Ownership. Own mistakes as a team. Then find a way to fix them as a team.
  12. Send the elevator back down.* Do what you can to help new colleagues and budding professionals grow.
  13. Transparency. Conduct business as if the world is watching. Do respect the privacy of others and of sensitive information.
  14. Empathy. Understanding where others are coming from is crucial to our mission. Avoid tunnel vision at all costs.

* borrowed from Bill Field, Owner FieldActivate & former CEO of Mintz-Hoke.


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