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I love this post from the owner (Cam) of the Counterpoint bar/restaurant in Golden Hill (SD). It’s raw, admittedly underprepared and unformatted. Yet people are commenting all over it; and one person even mentioned to friends that she wants to “switch date night to this place.”

If Cam had posted a staged, filtered Instagram of the new menu — hashtagged with all the regular SD foodie terms — would it have gotten the same level of response? Probably, but not because he followed the social media marketing playbook.

The post gets engagement because it’s real. It’s straight from the guy who spends time with people from both sides of the bar day in and day out. It delivers on the tagline: “a place for people.”

Social media doesn’t favor cleverness. It favors hearing from and about the great people behind kick-ass products and services.

Go have a drink and see what all the fuss is about. If you want those annoying brussel sprouts you better act fast.

[Transparency/Disclosure: Counterpoint isn’t a client of mine. I’m a customer of theirs. Cam’s my neighbor.]