About Me

Thanks for stopping by. This website serves as my personal corner of the web; it's a place where I can provide a bit more of a narrative and experience than expected on the typical social media profile, portfolio or resume. A place where I can speak in the first person and wax poetic about the things that make me tick :).

(BTW: this section leans heavier on the business and design side of me than the music. See for or the Songs in progress page for more of that side.)

What makes me tick? (The Why) 

I'm driven by a sense of responsibility to improve the human condition, even if only by the slightest degree. As such, I'm forever on the lookout for organizations and individuals that have -- or want to have -- a strong sense of purpose and a willingness to pursue that purpose with fervor. 

The value I bring (The How) 

Empowering others to grow and succeed is the single most rewarding (to me) and valuable (to my team) thing I bring to the teams I'm a part of. I believe that I'm my best and fullest self when I'm building and guiding teams to identify and solve complex, high value problems. 

The tools I use (The What) 

Service Design. Design Thinking. Human Centered Design. The list of tools and processes is long, and the venn diagram used to delineate them only muddies the water. That said, at the center of any solution well designed is empathy. As Chris Colbert says, "Empathy is the source code of innovation." So I'd rather say I use empathy. I use empathy and a well-rounded business acumen to lead my teams to problems worth solving; to solutions worth building.  

Skills & competencies 

Some of the things I've been working on:

  • Staffing and resourcing: Building and directing teams of Design/UX Strategists to identify and solve complex problems using user-centric design principles.

  • Service design methodology: Crafting and selling a service design approach in order to help B2B and B2C clients drive innovation and improve customer experience (CX) across all channels and touchpoints.

  • Key account growth: Cultivating consultative relationships to help clients succeed and drive growth. 

  • Cross-functional leadership: Empowering team members across all levels and departments to expand and apply their skills towards personal and organizational growth.

  • Digital transformation roadmapping: Developing and maintaining multi-year strategic roadmaps resulting in effective collaboration and delivery across multiple business units and partner agencies.

  • Prototyping: Designing and testing prototypes to validate hypotheses and make informed recommendations. Presenting business cases to secure funding for development phases.


Some of the places I've worked:

Thanks again,  

 Andrew G. Begin


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